Positive Feedback

I (Emily) am counseling two women right now. Just this week in both sessions, they shared with me how they have encountered other women who are going through similar struggles to their own. They both said how grateful they were to be in Christian counseling because they have been able to pass on the things they’ve learned. It’s not very often in ministry, or many lines of work, that we get to see the fruit of our labor or get to hear of the benefits that others are receiving because of our hard work. As a mom of young children, missionary and homeschooling parent, I don’t count on a lot of accolades. I trust that God sees what we do in secret. Anyway, I have been so blessed by the feedback I’ve received from these ladies. It’s nice to know that what I’m doing is helping.
It means the world to us to have churches and individuals supporting us so that I can not only minister to a couple of ladies during afternoon counseling sessions while my kids nap, but so that the work I am doing can be multiplied in their lives to other women on the reservation who are hurting and in need of healing.

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