Our Calling



DH was born in Norfolk, VA, the youngest of four in a strong Christian family. His roots of faith go back generations. His Grandpa, Hayes Henry, was a missionary to the Western Band Cherokee in Oklahoma, and his Great Grandpa Edwin Campbell was a missionary in Korea. DH has a rich family heritage as well as a strong Christian education, from elementary school through seminary. He experienced a major paradigm shift his freshman year of college when he got news of a mass shooting at his alma mater, Columbine High School. His values began to change as he realized he had led a life of “security” and “comfort.” He began to see that now was the time to do the things you can’t do in Heaven – like loving people who won’t love you back, or sharing the gospel with those who have never heard, or even being persecuted.

Emily was born in Underwood, IA, where she was raised in a strong Christian home. As a young girl, Emily has strong memories of hosting missionaries in their home and hearing the stories of these brave and faithful men and women going into different cultures to share the message of Christ. At a young age she had opportunities to travel to places like Mexico and Dominican Republic, where she first developed a heart for cross-cultural ministry. After college, she obeyed God’s call to give the “first fruits” of her education back to God and pursue a career in ministry. During her time serving with The Navigators at Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ), she also was able to take a trip to Indonesia where God sealed in her heart the desire and the call to bring the Gospel to the nations. Nevertheless, she longed to be married and partner with a husband in this adventure.

DH and Emily met at Covenant Theological Seminary, in St Louis MO the Fall of 2008, and were married two years later (Aug 20, 2010). Before we met each other we both felt God’s call on our lives to serve in ministry vocationally. DH had been involved primarily in youth ministry and Native American missions, and Emily had been in collegiate ministry with The Navigators.

Read more about DH’s Calling or Emily’s Calling.


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